About Us



John Walters started in the moving business in 1976

while attending Morgan State University. In 1982, Mr. Walters became a contractor for Von Paris. In a short time he became the largest contractor for Von Paris in the Baltimore, Washington DC area. In 1988, Mr. Walters founded Walters Relocations Incorporated, (WRI).

Still contracting for Von Paris, WRI helped create The Commercial Relocations Systems (CRS). This is among the major commercial moving services in the area. In 1997 Walters Relocations moved to 6600 Moravia Park Drive and became a complete independent mover. In 2000 WRI opened its second location, 1915 Annapolis Rd. In 2004, Mr. Walters purchased the old State Farm Building located on 2001 Elgin Avenue; Baltimore, MD and relocated his company headquarters to the new 20,000 sq. ft. facility.


Marketing Department

As Director of Marketing for Walters Relocations, Inc., Mrs. Jones is committed to creating and executing new and innovative marketing strategies both externally as well as internally to ensure continued customer satisfaction, employee loyalty and company growth.


Sales Department

After a successful career with the city government, Raymond Briggs has brought with him to WRI the skills to listen, communicate, build relationships with clients while going the extra mile to ensure service and satisfaction.


Human Resources

At Walters Relocations, Inc (WRI) our HR manager uses extensive operational and sales management experience to direct human resources, structure services offered by WRI, and develop new business relationships.